Our UK CAA Certificate Cards include a FREE Virtual Flyer ID Card
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Do I need an operator ID card? Do the CAA issue ID cards? Are drone operator ID cards official?

Do I need to buy a drone operator ID Card?

No! Categorically not.

The CAA do not issue ID cards, just an email receipt with your Flyer and Operator ID, they ask that you keep the email safe so it can be shown to police or other officials.

Some people would prefer the convenience of a physical ID card that contains both the Flyer (or BMFA / FPVUK membership ID) and the Operator ID. Some people prefer to go further and have a passport style photo printed on it too.

We provide an ID card printing service to people that have this preference, with a multitude of different options, such as Photo or unique QR code to help verify CAA registered information. We are not affiliated in any way to the CAA and as mentioned it is not obligatory to have an ID card, its just very convenient!

There are other companies that produce ID cards, but ours have two advantages;

- Unique QR code that can assist in verifying your CAA registration
- Free 'found' service to unite owners with lost drones and accessories*

* This of course only applies to customers of thedroneidcard.com