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Do I need to register? Where do I register my drone? Is there a drone test? How much does it cost to register a drone?

Do I need to register my drone?

If your drone weighs 250g or more, then the simple answer is yes!

Before you can fly you will need to register yourself as a flyer with the CAA (unless you are a member of the BMFA or FPVUK) and also register with the CAA as an operator of a drone. Albeit slightly confusing as to most people this may appear to be the same thing, but its not!

To obtain a flyer ID you need to pass a basic online theory test, this ID number will last for 3 years and is yours as a 'Flyer'

At the same time you will need to obtain an Operator ID (unless you are under 18, in which case a responsible adult/parent will need to do this), this ID number lasts for one year and is the number you are legally obliged to put on your drone.

By having the two different IDs means that you as a flyer can fly someone else's drone. You can also use the same operator ID issued to you for all of your drones (if you should have more than one)


Although we have mentioned that drones or model aircraft under 250g do not need to register, this also applies to flying indoors or in a securely netted area.

Where to register your drone

You can register and take the test directly on the CAA website. It costs a total of #POUND#9 for both Flyer and Operator ID. Its free just to register as a Flyer.

You will need to look at The Drone Code prior to doing this, which sets out your obligations as a flyer of drones and model aircraft

Be mindful of companies that offer to do this for you, they will charge anywhere up to #POUND#90 and you will still need to register with the CAA directly!