Our UK CAA Certificate Cards include a FREE Virtual Flyer ID Card
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Operator ID Sticker Pack

CAA Drone GVC ID Card

Your Drone GVC Flyer ID Card, the ultimate testament to your drone operation compliance for GVC competence. Fly with confidence today!

This CAA Drone GVC Operator ID Card card looks almost identical to the GVC certificate issued to you by the RAE flight school you studied with when you completed your extended training and practical drone flight test, although this plastic ID card is far more handy and durable than a printed paper copy.

Only we offer our unique interactive QR code scanning on a GVC ID Card

All of our GVC drone ID cards will let anyone view a copy your official uploaded CAA documents that you show the QR code to which is located on the front or reverse of the card. This handy feature ensures your official GVC documents are kept safe and secure but at the same time readily accessible for any official that may wish to see.

Customise and view the this GVC Flyer ID card before you buy

Add this GVC Drone ID card to your shopping basked and start customising it straight away, see what it looks like before you buy it. You can even add a passport style photo to your card.

Claim your FREE Virtual GVC Flyer ID card in our smartphone App

This drone flyer GVC ID card comes with a virtual card which is accessible in our dedicated Drone ID app which is available in the Android/Google Play store and the iOS Apple app store.

Your free virtual GVC drone operator/flyer ID card looks exactly the same as your plastic card.

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Can I buy this GVC Flyer ID card if I have not completed the UK GVC training?

No. Absolutely not. You must have registered with the CAA and then go on to complete additional training and take a physical flight exam with a recognised CAA flight school. We will not print this unless a copy of your GVC Completion certificate of training has been uploaded (or a screen-shot of it) when you customise your card.

You can register with the CAA here for your A1/A3 online training if you have not completed any training yet.