Our UK CAA Certificate Cards include a FREE Virtual Flyer ID Card
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How long does delivery take?

We complete a 'print run' every day Monday to Friday in the early afternoon. Provided we have all the information we need from your to customise your card, you card will printed on the next run and dispatched the same day it has been printed.

We send orders by 1st Class postage via Royal Mail (unless you have paid for a different postal service), this usually takes 24 to 48 hours to be delivered, however; Royal mail advise under normal circumstances it can take 3 to 4 days, or even a little bit longer if you live in remote areas of the UK.

If you placed an order on a Monday morning and have provided all the information needed via the link we sent you, its is quite possible to receive your delivery in Tuesday's post.

I have placed an order on eBay or Amazon but not heard anything from you, why?

It can take a little while for us to be notified of the purchase (Amazon can take hours) and its not an automated process, a member of our team has to log in to each portal and copy the information across in to our customer/sales/print system, this will only happen during our office hours.

Once we have imported the sale in to our system we will send a confirmation email that will contain a unique link for you to customise your order.

We appreciate that many people order items through these selling platforms outside our office hours. Customers can add customisation details to their order by visiting one of the following links;



When we are open and import the order from the selling platform we will marry up the records and send a confirmation email (again with a unique link that will include all of the information we will use to print and how to update it if it is incorrect).

Please make sure that contact information you have registered on the platforms you made the order is correct, they do not pass on your email address, we have to correspond through that selling platform (eBay/Amazon), our communication relies on your information being up-to-date.

You have dispatched my order but I havent received it, where is it?

If you have received an email from us stating we have dispatched your order and 5 working days has passed (UK Mainland), please contact us and we will:

Check to see if your card has been activated.

We log IP Address/Service provider and where it was activated via GPS of the phone which activated it (when available).

If the card has been activated we will also alert the delivery provider regarding a theft.

Cancel your card.

Any QR scans of the card will log IP address and GPS location etc and alert us. We will notify the delivery provider for their records

Issue you a new card the same day

Why have you cancelled my order?

If you don't respond to our requests for further information within 2 working days we will cancel your order. This is because each of the selling platforms (and our own website's payment provider) stipulate strict dispatch times.

If we do not dispatch your order in these timeframes (and we cant if we don't what to print on it), we are penalised which has financial implications to our business.

We may also cancel and refund the order for some other reasons:

The customer is not registered with the CAA/IAA or we cant verify Flyer/Operator CAA/IAA registration.

The customer is outside of the UK and has not paid for European or worldwide delivery.

Why do I have to provide my details via the link and not by message in eBay or Amazon market places?

This is simply to ensure that the information is correct, having somebody else (like a member of our staff) enter the information can lead to 'auto-correct' mistakes or typos.

We have removed access for our staff to be able to add or edit this information, so even if they wanted to do this, they cannot. It categorically means that what is printed on the card is exactly as the customer requested.

There is a 'help' button in the customisation link that will allow customers who are not sure, to send us a message, again we wont be able to complete the customisation for you, but we will be able to point you in the right direction.

There is a typo, spelling mistake on my card

We do not enter the information in to the system (see above FAQ), everything that has been entered will be by the customer.

If you require a re-issue of the card to correct the mistake, we will charge a fee, this is to cover materials, admin and postage. In this case a new order will be created, a new link will be sent to the customer to customise the card (correct the mistake).

We log every activity of the order including what the customer has typed and can provide this to you upon request.

Can I order a card even though I am not registered with the CAA (or IAA for EIRE)?

No. Although these cards are not official cards issued by an aviation authority, it does state that the holder is registered with the relevant authority.

These statements are a part of the design and purpose of the card, and would not be valid if the holder was not registered. Therefore we will not supply these cards to unregistered customers.

If it is apparent the customer is not registered with the relevant aviation authority, we will provide a full refund.

Can I order a card for my child as a toy?

These cards are not toys, you can order one for a child (under 18) if they have registered with the relevant aviation authority for a Flyer ID.

You system wont accept my Flyer/Operator ID

Make sure that the card you have purchased is for the correct country.

eg UK Cards will only accept Operator IDs that start with 'GBR-OP' or 'OP-' or Flyer IDs that start with 'GBR-RP' or 'FLY-'

We do not supply cards to the vast majority of European countries as we are unable to check the validity of the Identification of ID numbers (as we are able to with the CAA).

Do you sell cards for other countries?

We only provide cards to UK and Eire aviation authority registered users.

What size does my image have to be on a photo ID card?

The image can be almost any size, but it cant be smaller than 200px (which is tiny) as this will look very distorted when it is printed on the card.

Your image will need to be in the.jpg or.jpeg format (the most common format).

A member of staff will review each picture and crop it and adjust the brightness if needed. This is the only adjustment our staff can make to your order, they do not have access to amend anything else.

We will send you an email when we are ready to print your card, the email will contain a unique link, click on this link and check the information is correct, it will show you the adjusted picture we intend to print.

Can you change the design for me?

Yes, and no! We have a bespoke printing platform, we can change the design, this will involve a new photoshop template being created or and old one being adapted, adding it to our system and running test prints. This all costs money (designers time, print technicians time and test materials), which is why we don't offer it for one-off purchases.

We do offer a free bespoke card design for drone clubs that require multiple cards (we can even provide a unique link to club members so they can order and pay for the bespoke card themselves), or to businesses that are willing to pay for the bespoke design (100GBP inc 10 cards).

Do I have to re-order a card every year?

No, you are not obliged to re-order a card from us when your operator/flyer ID expires.

We will send you an email around 4 weeks prior to expiry with a discount voucher code to use on on our website should you want to renew.

Can you remove the expiry date from the cards?

If you do not want the expiry date printed on your card, please use the date 01/01/1901, this will tell our system to remove all references to the expiry date(s). We will not send you an expiry reminder/discount voucher either.

What are the cards made from?

They are made from Poly Vinyl Chloride, a durable plastic that is used in most credit and ID cards.

They are made to fit in the credit card section of a wallet or purse and will fit most lanyard/card holders.