Our UK CAA Certificate Cards include a FREE Virtual Flyer ID Card
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How do I register for a Flyer or Operator ID?

Before you purchase one of our Drone Operator ID cards you will need a flyer ID and operator ID.

How Do I Get a Drone Flyer ID and Operator ID?

The person flying the drone will need a Flyer ID, to get one of these they must first pass a theory test with the CAA website which is taken online and will need to be completed every three years.

The person, company or organisation who is responsible for the drone must also register to obtain an Operator ID. Quite often this is the same person (unless the flyer is under 18, in which case the operator ID will have to be registered by an adult).

If you fly a drone that weigh less than 250g, you don't need to obtain a Flyer or Operator ID.

You can register for an Operator ID and take the online Flyer theory test on the CAA website.

It costs #POUND#9 to register and complete the test at the same time.